The administration of the site CryptoLife.top DOES NOT OWN the Crypto Life project and does not have the technical and physical opportunity to collect the money of the participants. The Crypto Life project is in the virtual environment of the crypto Ethereum.

The Crypto Life smart contract does not belong to anyone, has no ownership rights, does not accumulate or hold funds of participants, but immediately redirects funds according to the specified algorithm directly between participants registered in the Crypto Life smart contract.

The administration of the Crypto Life site is not responsible for the operation of the smart contract located in Blockchain Ethereum: for possible errors in the code and operation of the smart contract, for possible loss of funds by the participants of the system.

All registrations and transfers are voluntary and free of charge.

SITE CryptoLife.top IS NOT THE PROJECT ITSELF (SMART CONTRACT), but only displays public information taken from the Crypto Life, smart contract, located in the virtual environment of the crypto Ethereum and DOES NOT BELONG to the administration of the site CryptoLife.top.

Personal office on the site, among other things, is available to all wishing participants without a password and DOES NOT STORE ANY PERSONAL DATA. The personal office displays the statistics of each System participant, displayed from the Crypto Life smart contract, and their public data.

All data on the site are for informational purposes and are not a public offer.